Five Things Rihanna has Taught US

            Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Rihanna fan. She is a queen, trendsetter, a great musician and entertainer.  These are five things I have learned from Riri throughout the years because im such #RihannaNavy I’ll share them with you.

1. Get your hustle on!

You can’t deny Rihanna is a business woman, Sis has multiple streams of income. She teaches us to focus on that money bag, and forget the naysayers. Rather you work a nine to five and have a side hustle or an entrepreneur with multiple hustles. get it how you get it, but don’t depend on once source of income. they way this economy is set up, you need a paycheck coming from all angles with the cost of living being so high. So don’t just copy her swag and hair, copy her motivation to get this paper from all corners.

2. It’s okay to Reinvent yourself

Change is Good. Rihanna has changed her style so many times that it allowed her to grow on another level, professionally and personally.  you want to cut your hair? lose weight? change your wardrobe? DO IT HONEY! what is stopping you?

3. Take Risks 

The queen of thinking outside the box, follow Rihanna’s mindset on this because honestly how far will you get in life if you always play it safe? Can you imagine if someone told Rihanna, “Don’t come out with a makeup line, because there are so many already?” and what if she said okay? We wouldn’t have Fenty Bueaty or it wouldn’t be worth a billion.  Don’t let fear or the unknown, stop you from completing your dreams. Take that Leap!

4. March to the beat of your own Drum

Be Yourself,  we have so many carbon copies, originality is needed in today society. Haters is going to hate, believe that, but never conform to society expectations of you. I believe one of the reasons Rihanna is so successful is because what you see is the real her, no fronts or fakeness. There were some negative  articles floating around about rihanna putting on some weight, do you think she batted an eye. Nope! She continued to live life  not letting internet trolls stop her shine. Sis, got confidence and we all should be drowning in it too.

5. Most of all, Have Fun

Enjoy life, Most of us are living to die, but not living to live. (get that?).  Go on that vacation, take a break, smile, laugh. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. you were not put on this earth to pay bills in die. Rihanna is always on sombodies island or party and she is happy honey, do you hear me? Well we all aint got her money so you can do like me go to your local beach and pretend you in haiwai, while sipping seven up. My point is, Be happy and experience life.

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