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While listening to Beyoncé’s flawless feat Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I started thinking why do we teach our girls to aspire to marriage but we don’t teach boys the same? I see this a lot especially in the black community (yup I said it) We allow our sons to live with us as long as they need enabling their laziness, but our daughters are forced into the world at eighteen sometimes, even earlier to learn how to make it. We put money on our sons books, when they go to jail, but wont help our daughters with her school books while she is in college. We teach our daughters everything they need to do to get a man and keep a man, but we do not teach our sons how to provide, treat and be the protector to women.

We praise our sons for their sexual exploits but condemn our daughters for asking for information about sex. Our sons can be disrespectful, but our daughter are put out the house because of an attitude. We teach our daughters to work hard but don’t teach our sons the same. When our daughters come to us and tell us about any sexual abuse we quietly sweep it under the rug, often not bringing the abuser to justice. but when are sons are in trouble its world war three. We rarely help our daughters with her kids but will watch our sons muiltiple kids.  

We need to love our daughters more, embrace them more, encourage them more and help them more. We need to stop making our sons the “MAN” and our daughters the villain. I’m not saying stop loving your sons, I am saying love your daughters the same. It starts at home. our daughters deserve a safe haven because as our daughters become women, they will be underpaid doing the same job as men. Some will fall victim to domestic abuse and experience prejudice. some will get caught up with a pimp or worse be trafficked. some will become single mothers and some will not make it to old age. The world is not kind to black women.

our girls don’t need the hell at home when they are going to face it in the world.


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