Let Go

I’m possessive

I have a very hard time letting go of things even when they are hurting me. Maybe it’s my abandonment issues or the fact I hate losing my  comfort. That was a the old me. I have learned the beauty of my self-worth. I don’t have to settle, or accept someones behavior.

If someone wants to leave, let them.

There is freedom in walking away from negative people. a year ago I left a two-year relationship, he was draining everything in me. he was abusive, controlling and he cheated. I thought that if I loved him hard enough he would change. He did not.

trying to fix what was broken was only breaking me

There is a video circulating on social media in the video two exes faced each other and asked questions for closure. (you can watch it below) The woman asked how many times did he cheat and the man simply replies I don’t know I wasn’t counting. I’m asking Why didn’t she leave when she walked in on another women in his bed? why didn’t she leave when he made it very clear he wasnt ready for a committed relationship?  what I realize is she just couldn’t let him go.

let me tell you hunny, when a man shows you who you are believe them. 

I’m reminded of a saying my aunt told me a long time go, ” when you hold to a Toxic man you are only killing yourself.” And you are. I don’t know why something deep in us clutches to the idea that if I hold on a little longer he will change. Sorry he won’t.

if he hasn’t realized how precious you are and how lucky he is


The best thing you can do is walk away and keep your peace of mind.


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