Protect your Dreams

In 2016 when I told certain friends I wanted to start my own blog, the laughed at me. saying thing like “girl why? you can’t make any money off that” another friend said “that someone like me couldn’t write a blog”. As of right now those chicks are not my friends, (I don’t need that type of negativity in my life)  I finally started my blog in the beginning of 2017.

what I learned from that is everyone will not support you and you have to as well as the importance of protecting your dreams. They are fragile. nurture them and be very careful who you express them too. I am going to define what a dream is according to the dictionary.

Dream definition: a CHERISHED aspiration, ambition, or ideal.

cherish definition: to protect or care for

your dreams, they are precious. do not let anyone tell you You can’t do it.


People will actually hate for the visions or passions God gives you. Dreams are goals that people will crush to make sure you conform to their perception of happiness.


Other times we let fear stop us from pursing our passions. let that go, a dream is a rollercoaster it’s going to be a bumpy ride, with high and lows but eventually you’ll make it to the finish line. work on your dreams when you leave your nine to five, work on your dreams after you put the kids to bed, work on your dreams whenever you get the opportunity. don’t give up, don’t get comfortable but most of all







One comment

  1. It’s such a sad thing that people don’t encourage one another’s dreams. But it makes it that much more important to believe in them yourself. To work on them. To never question yourself.

    Haters gonna hate, right? Especially if they don’t understand something.

    Just do your thing, no matter what other people tell you. Their opinion is not your reality.

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