Story Time – The Day I Almost Burnt down the Office

So some years back I was starting a new position at a law firm and it was my first day of work. Now I was super excited because before I hadn’t worked in a while so to be back in the field really had me in a good mood. That morning I walk in the office with my new outfit on feeling myself then went to the kitchen to get something to eat, my stomach was growling. The firm had a toaster oven and a loaf of bread was on the counter so I decided to make some toast. I put the bread in the oven, set the timer, and wait. Now at this very moment my boss comes in. He says “hi Nikki come to my office to sign some paperwork.” now I’m thinking do I tell him I’m waiting on my toast and I’ll be there after or  do I just go? This is a difficult choice for me because it’s my first day and I want to make a good impression. So I say “okay” leaving the toast there I figure I’ll be back in time, or another coworker will hear the timer and take it out. I go to the his office and were chit chatting, he is slowly going over each paper, I’m signing and in the back of my mind I’m thinking about this toast, then that’s when I hear it. SMOKE ALARMS, COMING FROM THE KITCHEN. My boss and I get up and then I smell it, the smell of my burnt toast. By this time I am horrified. Everyone had to evacuate the office, when i saw that the whole floor had to be evacuated too, I screamed inside. the fire department was called, When they were done they came up to my boss and said “it looks like someone left toast in the toaster oven”. (my face is red with embarrassment) My boss was going off, “how can my employees be so irresponsible when I find out who did this there fired” now I’m thinking I’m really about to get fired the first day at the job, all because of burnt toast. So as soon as we were allowed to go back in the building I grabbed my purse then yelled to my boss “sorry it was me that almost killed yall!” and ran out of there, that day I realize the law field was not f0r me.

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