My Top 3 Favorite Youtube Stars!

  1. The Brilliant Beauty. I love her I wish I could jump through the screen and hug her because her hair tutorials have saved my life. When I got laid off I didn’t know what I or how I was going to keep my hair up with limited funds coming in. I came across her video while I was about to shave my hair off (seriously). Now i can tame this fro, and rock different weaves and wigs cuz of her.  below is a video of Brilliant Beauty Wig Look Book. One of my Favs!

2. Cosmeholics Anonymous is my best friend in my head, her realness and personality I just adore. her bubbly personality and sense of humor has put I smile on my face even on my most stressful days. It’s very rare to come across someone so raw. should I also add her makeup tutorials will have you SLAYYYINNNNN.

3. His and Her Money I know this is way different than my first two videos but they will show you how to manage money. I’ve learned how to budget, take care of my credit and got the most out of my money by watching them. What I also like is they are very personal about their lives. You can pick up a lot of wisdom from these two. below is one of their marriage videos.

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